A digitally smarter future for venue management professionals

Large-scale live entertainment and sports venues are facing challenges like never before. The physical, organisational and cyber security issues around hosting and safeguarding crowds are clear. Yet the recent need to also contend with the burgeoning ‘always connected’ at-home entertainment market – plus the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic – has made venues aware of the need for digital transformation to improve efficiency, deliver an enhanced experience and safeguard their customers.

How does Digital work for venues, and why do I need it?

Here are just some examples of how digital transformation can work for your venue:

1. Enhanced fan experience

Digital platforms at the event can capture and enhance the atmosphere of a live event by providing the connected experience fans are used to on YouTube or Spotify by enabling conversations, live interaction and competitions. 5G hotspots can be used to overcome the usual connectivity issues.

2. Physical security and revenue protection

Smartphone hosted ticketing enables phased entry and crowd control, reduces ticket resale and fraud problems and – with suitable data protection measures in place – could identify specific individuals at the gate if needs be.

3. Operational efficiency and promotional opportunities

Live-feed queue information for bars, food outlets and toilets can help smooth demand peaks and direct customers to less busy facilities. This can be enhanced by on-the-spot offers and promotions to manage inventory.