Specialist knowledge transfer and engaging training services encompassing highly effective management and leadership techniques with the development of emotional intelligence.

These proven methodologies are used to instil trust and confidence in trainees. Our experienced trainers have worked with many diverse groups using skills gained from challenging environments at HM Prisons and the Armed Forces. These services can be bespoke to suit your company requirements.

Effective and motivated workforce

The influence of an organisational leader or manager cannot be overstated. The best leadership is optimised not just to lead but also to engage, creating highly motivated, powerful teams. This is critical for the future wellbeing of your organisation, and the isolation created by the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for this more than ever before.

Organisations which consider the needs of their people and invest in them are more likely to retain their workforce for longer, not only by building loyalty and trust, but also improving morale and productivity. Motivated teams mean a better experience for everyone who interacts with your people, and a significant positive impact on productivity and staff retention.

Business coherence

Inconsistencies in management styles across the organisation can cause unrest among staff. Building relationships is key in business, and central to that is understanding how your words and actions affect others, which may require changing outdated attitudes. We can also evaluate any complicated hierarchical structures which may be in place and chains of command which might be slowing down decision-making.

Our approach

Using a distinctly empathetic approach combining sensitivity with acute awareness of how to handle the toughest situations, we empower candidates to be great leaders by becoming better prepared, informed and equipped to deal with any situation.

Our trainers bring decades of experience working with elite sports performers and top public schools. They have a wide range of experience in both military and civilian environments and a thorough understanding of the successful working practices of each, and how they can be successfully integrated together where necessary.

SA Group’s reputation for ongoing support of the Armed Forces community arises from a strongly held belief in the value ex-military people can bring to the wider commercial world. We’re proud to have assisted many candidates with their resettlement programme, and last year received a Gold ERS award from the Armed Forces Covenant in recognition of our efforts.

Services offered

We offer a wide range of training services which can be bespoke to your requirements. These can be in large or small groups, or one-to-one, and can be delivered face-to-face or online. Contact us today for further information.

  • Soft skills leadership training
  • Management including planning, prioritising and delegation
  • Train the trainer – coaching others to effectively deliver training
  • Developing effective teams
  • Leading through change
  • Relationship management
  • Assertiveness and communication
  • Planning and analysis of organisational design, skills and resources
  • Analysis and refinement of business processes
  • Individual mentoring 

Bath University Rugby Training

We have decades of experience working with elite sports performers including recent training conducted at the University of Bath Rugby Club. Head of Rugby at TeamBath Aaron James said: “The training offered hard hitting insights and detailed strategies for improving communication and the impact on others of both good and bad communication.”

Leadership Training at Royal Military Academy

As an ever evolving military force, the British Army recognises the power of intrinsically motivated personnel, this was at the heart of their request for SA Group to develop the soft skills required within leadership when working on a more personal level. It is this evolutionary process that keeps the Royal Military Academy at the forefront of worldwide training academies.

Specialist Training for the Police

The management within hierarchical organisations can often be rigid, leaders can be set in their ways and unable to adapt their style, and the empowered generation expect more from their leaders. We have designed and performed specialist training to keep our police forces up to date, inspired and motivated.