We provide comprehensive infrastructure solutions and network engineering services incorporating the design, planning and implementation of high performance wired, wireless and cloud service networks.

Our highly skilled team have proven experience delivering a wide range of secure and scalable enterprise network and infrastructure projects. This can include stakeholder management workshops, risk assessments, vulnerability analysis and troubleshooting.

We evaluate and optimise existing network infrastructure and operational processes and use industry-leading hardware and software to proactively monitor and secure your business, and align to your business targets.

Network Architecture

We have extensive experience designing the network architecture for multi-vendor environments within enterprise and cloud networks, incorporating assessment, design, planning and security. This includes completing integration activities at the planning level, whilst providing both physical and logical security to networks.

Infrastructure Architecture

Using a disciplined and methodical approach, the Infrastructure Architect will design and build the hardware elements to support business requirements and define the operating relationship between components.

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Technical Design Authority

Our technical design authority services provide crucial assurance that the end-to-end solution is aligned with the approved design blueprints. We provide governance to your project to ensure that each component meets requirements and integrates within the complex enterprise architecture to deliver transformational business change.

Integration and Support

The seamless and secure integration of a new cloud solution into existing infrastructure and support network is necessary for optimisation and cost efficiency. We provide management of your IT infrastructure, services and applications, and support during complex application integration as well as commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems. Ongoing maintenance of the business network is vital, and we use industry-leading monitoring tools to provide detailed metrics and visibility.

Testing and Assurance

Our experts provide crucial testing, assurance and governance services, this includes network activities such as improving system performance and the update and distribution of new software. Management of the router and domain name is included within this, along with coordination with affiliated networks.


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