Our qualified Cyber professionals are highly experienced in protecting all types of organisations against cyber threats. Starting with a comprehensive review of current defence measures, identifying security vulnerabilities and advising on the best route for protection, we ensure your company is compliant to best practice security certification, including Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001.

We undertake risk assessments, ensure data protection compliance and assess and advise on Security Architecture and Infrastructure Design options to ensure correct functionality, and that it meets operational and mandatory safety requirements as well as providing value for money.

Our approach is to proactively monitor and prevent cyber threats before they cause a problem. We are adept in all types of security testing including penetration testing and IT Health Check (ITHCs), along with the Network and Information Systems Regulations 2018 (NIS Regulations) and Joint Service Publication (JSP) We have proven experience in meeting requirements and generating formal security assurance documentation such as Risk Management and Accreditation Document Sets (RMADS). Our experts have developed and implemented security policies, processes, risk assessments, standards and governance.

Security and Information Assurance

We place experienced Security and Information Assurance Coordinators into the MoD and other UK Government organisations to manage the cyber security of defence and IT communication systems. This includes data centre security and assurance, cloud integration and security, architecture assurance and more. Click the button below to find out more.

Advanced Threat Detection System

Responding quickly to cyber security threats is imperative. We have partnered with BluVector to offer a revolutionary AI-powered Advanced Threat Detection system. This innovative solution gives industry-leading accuracy and the strongest protection of one IT system to safeguard valuable data and information.

Cyber Assessment Services

Our comprehensive Cyber Assessment Services give you the intelligence you need to understand the cyber risks your organisation may be exposed to. This allows you to create appropriate response plans and concentrate on what is most important to your company.

Pre-assessment phase

To gain a full understanding of your requirements and conduct a scoping exercise to ensure the assessment covers the areas you want.

Assessment phase

Our dedicated specialists will conduct the full cyber evaluation, taking into account company policies, processes, people and technical configuration, and regularly updating you throughout.

Report phase

On completion of the assessment you will receive a comprehensive report with evidence substantiating every discovery, and recommendations for either fixing, increasing maturity or mitigating the risk, enabling you to make the most informed decision possible.

Cyber Risk Assessments

We offer detailed Cyber Risk Assessments giving you a clear picture of your current risk profile:

  • Enterprise Security Risk Assessment – intelligence into the cyber risk present within your organisation
  • Cloud Security Risk Assessment – informing you of the cyber risk present within the cloud services you consume and the methods you use to connect to these services.

Cyber Maturity Assessment

Our comprehensive Cyber Maturity Assessments give you a clear view of your cyber maturity aligned to a standard capability maturity model index and scored against various cyber domains. This is extremely useful for embarking on a cyber-improvement programme.

These include:

  • Enterprise Security Maturity Assessment
  • Cloud Security Maturity Assessment
  • NCSC CAF Assessment
  • CSOC Assessment


Cyber Supply Chain Assessment

Whether your organisation is large or small, a major source of cyber security risk will come from the third party organisations you interact with in the course of everyday business. These risks are often unintentional; for example the simple process of sharing or accessing data can create vulnerabilities.

Introducing new individuals into your processes can create more obvious threats: cyber criminals motivated by profit, or the potential inside risk from third party employees.


  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment
  • Third Party Due Diligence Assessment

Cyber Compliance Assessment

All organisations now face some form of compliance requirement such as ISO 27001. We can give you objective intelligence as to your compliance to this standard, and provide the suitable evidence or aid you with the necessary remediation plans.

This is essential if you are embarking on a certification path, or working on a tender where your client wants evidence of compliance without the requirement of certification.


  • ISO 27001
  • NIST
  • 10 Steps to Cyber
  • Cyber Essentials


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