At SA Group we solve critical, highly complex challenges by designing, implementing and supporting IT and communications infrastructure.

We work with you in partnership, taking a broad overview of your objectives to give you the best solution for your requirements.

Using our proven tools and methodologies, we deliver value to our clients using a collegiate and agile approach.

Where SA Group makes a difference

Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M)

We offer tailored, flexible P3M services to the design and delivery of large scale projects, programmes and portfolios using best practice methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid and PRINCE2.

Cyber Security and Information Assurance

A broad range of cyber and information assurance services including penetration testing, and assessments for analysis of risk, maturity, supply chain and compliance, adhering to security certifications including Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001.

Technical Architecture

The design and implementation of comprehensive technical architectural solutions, aligned with the business strategy and adhering to security standards. These include enterprise, business and solution architecture, and concept design.


We offer the full life cycle of procurement management including the development of procurement strategies and management of bids on a client’s behalf. Our thorough understanding of the procurement process allows us to provide expert advice and guidance of best practise methodologies for your organisation.

Infrastructure Design and Engineering

The design and implementation of secure comprehensive infrastructure engineering solutions for high performance networks including cloud-based. Includes technical design authority services, integration and support, and testing and assurance services.

Learning and Development

Tailored learning and development services including coaching, upskilling, mentoring and delivering incisive training courses to permeate the workforce. Our experts have designed, developed and delivered a number of successful training programmes using a distinctly empathetic approach to leadership, combining sensitivity with an acute awareness of how to handle challenging situations.

Analysis and Transformation

Transforming businesses by taking advance of innovative digital technologies is one of our specialities. We have overseen a number of digital transformations achieving operational growth, efficiency and competitive advantage.

Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M)

A range of tailored, flexible management services for any sized projects, programmes or portfolio.


Defence Brochure

Read about the many capabilities we have gained over a decade working in partnership with the MOD.

Subscriber Analytics

Providing a deep understanding of your subscriber base, analytics support decisions on how to optimise network utilisation, giving you a competitive advantage and increasing profits. Find out more about how you can overcome challenges with network analytics and gain actionable insights.

Distributed Analytics

Collect unlimited amounts of data generated from devices, machines and sensors. Distributed analytics allows you to apply stream processing for real-time alerting and automated analysis on enormous volumes of data. Find out how you can gain unprecedented visibility for operational efficiency.