SA Group has renewed their sponsorship to the Royal Navy Rugby Union and Steve Jackson, CEO attended a partnership event in Portsmouth where he met with Captain Sarah Oakley RN who is the current Commanding Officer of Britannia Royal Naval College and the Vice President of Navy Rugby. 

The Royal Navy Rugby Union (RNRU) was formed in 1907 to administer the playing of rugby union in the Royal Navy. The organisation is committed to promoting participation and enjoyment of rugby at all levels within the Naval Service. SA Group has supported the RNRU for over seven years.

During the partnership event, attendees were given the opportunity to visit the HMS Prince of Wales – the second Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier, which is fully operational, ensuring the Royal Navy will always have one carrier available at all times.

Steve Jackson, CEO at SA Group said of the sponsorship: “With many of our employees from a military background, the Royal Navy has always been important to us, and we’re passionate about the ability of team sport to bring everyone together and enhance mental and physical wellbeing.”

Steve Jackson, CEO at SA Group with Captain Sarah Oakley RN