Our comprehensive Cyber Assessment Services give you the intelligence you need to understand the cyber risks your organisation may be exposed to. This allows you to create appropriate response plans and concentrate on what is most important to your company.

Every assessment contains the following stages:

Pre-assessment phase

We will gain a full understanding of your requirements and conduct a scoping exercise with a cyber expert to ensure the assessment covers the areas you want.

Assessment phase

You will be assigned a dedicated cyber specialist who may need access to relevant people, company policies, processes and technical configuration.

For the duration of the assessment the cyber expert will be available to you to discuss any aspect of it and will update you on a regular basis.

Report phase

Once the assessment is completed you will receive a comprehensive report. Every discovery within the report will be substantiated with evidence and recommendations for either fixing, increasing maturity or mitigating the risk, enabling you to make the most informed decision possible.

The report will be explained in detail and there will be the opportunity to raise questions, clarify any aspect of the report and agree further actions.