SA Group recently welcomed another student to take part in a week-long work experience. Darcy Cosgrove is a student at Lavington School in Wiltshire and has just completed her mock-GCSEs. She has a keen interest in Psychology and was interested to learn about how it is used within business.

During her work experience she learned about the main business functions including HR, Finance, Operations, Sales and Marketing, and about the tendering process. Darcy also assisted on a Branding exercise and used her Psychology experience to contribute to an in-depth discussion about customer perception and brand positioning.

Louisa Holbrook, HR & Operations Assistant said: We were pleased to host Darcy Cosgrove for work experience. Darcy spent time with various functions of the company over three days and asked a lot of questions, making the most of her time at SA Group. We wish Darcy all the best for her future career.”

Darcy Cosgrove had the following comments about her work experience: “I learnt a lot about being part of a business and the importance of a close-knit team. I am very grateful to SA Group for the whole opportunity.”