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Achieving business growth and operational efficiency through cyber secure technology and digital transformation.

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Digital transformation is becoming a business necessity, encompassing all central business disciplines such as sales, marketing, operations, finance and HR – and revolutionising how you interact with your customers. However, moving to digital platforms and ways of working requires more than just one change at a time. By seeing it as a wholehearted cultural transformation, both you and your customers will benefit rapidly.

At SA Group we understand how complex and potentially daunting this process can seem. Working with you in partnership, our experienced consultants can help you set out a comprehensive roadmap with timelines that meet where your organisation is at, who you need to take with you and what needs to happen.

So what is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the ongoing process of leveraging digital technologies to transform and improve your business performance by creating operational efficiency, enhancing customer engagement, and developing innovative products or new business models. Digital transformation is a multifaceted effort that also involves not only your platform (technologies) but your people, process, and an application portfolio too.


The key to long term competitive advantage

Digital transformation is a fact. It continues to change every industry in ways seen and unseen. Those who have adopted modern emerging digital technologies are successfully taking the lead in delivering customer experiences and loyalty.

As widescale digitisation becomes increasingly expected by customers, suppliers and partners alike, it is now central to a long term business plan for future operational efficiency, resilience and success.


How do I do it?

In order to succeed, you need to start with a current assessment, identify gaps and define the actions and resources required to fill those gaps along the four paths of people, process, technology and content. SA Group can help you build a digital transformation roadmap by understanding the key drivers for change in your business and the ingredients required for realising a successful business outcome.


Working with you, we’ll help achieve your digital business transformation by combining p3m project management and cyber expertise.

Critical steps to success include:

  1. Getting your strategy right before you begin.
  2. Working to build the correct team: both internal and external.
  3. Develop a pragmatic roadmap that suits your budget and capabilities.
  4. Clustering your initiatives into projects – grouping action items together so that they logically fit into your projects. This can be done by grouping items by relationships, service, or business domain.
  5. Defining the projects to prioritise. Each cluster of action items is a candidate project, something that can be elaborated on and drafted into a project charter for formal consideration.
  6. Prioritising the projects – by scoring each your business for ROI and risk.
  7. Preparing the roadmap – by mapping out the prioritized projects and creating a schedule of work with defined timings, costs, and resources.


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