The Autonomic Logistic Information System (ALIS) provided by Lockheed Martin consists of many application components that support the Joint Strike Fighter F-35 Lightning II aircraft. ALIS is a combination of hardware and software components, supported by a hierarchy of server levels.

Capabilities Employed

The Challenge

The MOD urgently required activities to test and integrate ALIS onto its IT networks in readiness for Lockheed Martin delivery of ALIS hardware and software to the UK.

The main components of this task were:

  • to enable developed ALIS components to be integrated onto UK networks as early as possible;
  • to assist in the definition and development of representative test environments;
  • to prepare and execute end-to-end tests on the integrated platform; and
  • to ensure the most efficient and timely identification and resolution of problems that arise.

'SA Group's depth of technical knowledge and strategic vision, coupled with tenacity and test management acumen, have enabled us to deliver challenging Lightning Programme requirements within timescales and to customer satisfaction. They are a formidable and respected team, an absolute pleasure to work with, and I'm looking forward to continuing this team effort'

– Lightning II ALIS Integration Programme Test Manager

The Solution

At the start of this task, the SA Group SMEs conducted a review of the processes for obtaining permission to connect a new system to existing UK Defence networks and to access that system from other systems, which identified a number of stakeholder organisations whose requirements needed to be satisfied.

The team developed a test and integration strategy that would provide the evidence necessary for each of the stakeholder organisations. A number of test environments and configurations were then designed that would allow the running of tests that would provide the evidence needed. The team then worked with the owners of the equipment to deliver a tailored test environment for each test event.

For each test event, our SMEs wrote a test plan and detailed test scripts and provided a test report at the end the event. For each submission by the project to a network or system stakeholder organisation for permission to connect, we provided a summary and analysis of the evidence from the test events, written to address the specific interests and requirements of the particular stakeholder organisation.

The Result

With the support of the SA Group test programme, ALIS was granted authority to operate on UK Defence networks at home and abroad. This contributed to the announcement on 10 January 2019 that the UK now has F-35 Lightning jets ready to be deployed on operations around the world.

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