The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) is a world-leading military training academy where all the officers in the British Army are trained to take on the responsibility of leading soldiers. The Academy’s aim is to be ‘the national centre of excellence for leadership’ and attracts personnel from other nations for officer training. In order to train the leaders of the British Army, RMAS requires its instructors to model the finest leadership skills themselves. 

As an ever evolving military force, the British Army recognises the power of intrinsically motivated personnel, this was at the heart of their request for SA Group to develop the soft skills required within leadership when working on a more personal level. It is this evolutionary process that keeps RMAS at the forefront of worldwide training academies.

Capabilities Employed

The Challenge

RMAS required specific training to model a more empathetic approach to leadership, entrusting the trainer to take the high level requirement and develop it into a defined Statement of Requirement (SOR) and incorporate a wide variety of delivery methods into a short space of time. Trainees were required to adopt a 'soft skills' style instruction, learn how to model it themselves, and then incorporate it into their own delivery.

“This is the first formal training within the Academy addressing this aspect of leadership. The content was excellent and the delivery demonstrated the concept as well as discussing it. For us this is a huge step towards systemic change into the formal training of personnel so that previously assumed skills can actually be baked into the permanent staff.”

– MOD Programme Manager

The Solution

SA Group were appointed to the task based on our standing within the MOD, our peoples' military backgrounds and our reputation for ongoing support of the Armed Forces community having assisted many candidates with their resettlement programme, and receiving a Gold ERS award from the Armed Forces Covenant.

The SA Group team conducting the training were able to leverage their extensive experience in delivering specialist training, including at HM Prisons, to carry out the task with the right level of sensitivity and understanding for the environment. They held an initial discussion with the Programme stakeholders and developed a defined Statement of Requirement. Following this, they designed the course content, method of delivery, and crafted a product that fully met the SOR, whilst making use of DSAT (Defence Systems Approach to Training) processes.

The Result

SA Group successfully met the specific requirements of the RMAS. The course was very well received by trainees and left them with ideas that they plan to incorporate into their own training delivery.

The team at SA Group demonstrated experiential learning within a classroom setting which differed from the regular style that RMAS trainers had become accustomed to delivering, and as a result, RMAS recommended that this training should be delivered across the full range of Academy staff.

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