Defence Digital provide safe information exchange between the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and its international partners. Using Defence Digital Secure Interoperability technology, the MoD is able to safely and securely use CHAT functions between trusted Secret networks.

Capabilities Employed

The Challenge

Seeking to ensure future serviceability, scalability and security – Defence Digital needed a technology uplift, taking an aging Urgent Operational Requirement in Core capability.

The challenge was to complete a significant in-service technology uplift without causing significant disruption to business as usual and expanding the capability from a Secret UK Eyes Only (SUKEO) and UK/US Bilateral capability into the FVEY's (Five Eyes Intelligence alliance: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) space.

The Solution

To ensure a smooth migration, SA Group's Subject Matter Expert (SME) performed a thorough review of the project requirements, roles and remits of the initial stakeholders, prime contractor, international user community, programme team and a number of third party suppliers.

They then put in place the correct level of project governance to ensure that all elements of the migration were captured, scheduled, assessed and monitored. This provided the backbone of the project plan and allowed the technical roadmap to be progressed with minimum acceptable risk.

A comprehensive stakeholder management strategy included instigating regular meetings, developing a thorough transition plan and coordinating the technical side of the migration. SA Group's team streamlined all migration activities and worked with the entire external supply chain so that all external dependencies were met, significantly reducing disruption to business as usual. The work also ensured that the technical refresh was seamlessly integrated into the MoD's wider infrastructure.

The team then carried out test and acceptance assurance activities at the factory, onsite and with the User community, assuring both the National delivery and also the FVEYs partners capability integration. The process was carried out with strict compliance to international governance standards, ie the Combined Communications Electronic Board (CCEB).

The Result

A seamless programme of in-service secure interoperability technology uplift for Defence Digital was carried out successfully.

This facilitated SUKEO, UK/US Bilateral and FVEYs Chat collaboration in peacetime and on Operations worldwide. The migration was hugely successful and was achieved with no service disruption to existing capability. It has secured the future of the MoD's capability by ensuring it is sufficiently robust to handle future challenges.

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