SA Group’s values are based on truths about who we are and the way we work with clients and colleagues alike. Who we are is as important as what we do, and we know that people matter as much as process.



Our Values

Tenacious delivery

Problems really annoy us and we keep niggling at them until we know how to solve them. We ask questions – lots of questions – because it matters to us that we reach the right solution. And because we’re focussed on solving your problem, we work collaboratively with everyone in the team to get the job done, bringing in someone else’s expertise if that’s what’s best for our customer.

We are people people

You and what you need matter most. We understand that you need to trust the people you work with – because the stakes are too high to fail. We retain clients and colleagues for an unusually long time, and we think this is because we’re unusually good at building proper, human based relationships.

Integrity matters

As a company we’re independent with no hidden profit motive, affiliation or bias, which means that you get the advice that’s genuinely right for you. We won’t cut corners for a quick finish. We’re direct and to the point, and believe in the importance of honest communication. And we know that life outside of work matters too.