Imagine you are building a house where your builder is also your architect and advising on the latest technology and materials. He specs the construction but you ask other builders to tender, to find best value. All the tenders should be the same but you notice one carries no cost for the disposal of the rubble while another – which beats the price of all others, hands down – appears to have no toilets. One specifies external paint you have heard of and trust. Another uses a cheaper alternative you have never heard of. The builder swears it is the same, if not better.

You ask for clarification but the dialogue takes so long that by the time specification is finalised, all the technology has advanced. Apparently, you now have better options on heating, insulations, control systems, indeed, on everything but you are unsure whose advice to believe. You want to get it right because you are spending £100m on this building – and it is not your money.

This is the position our clients find themselves in every single day. Our role is to help them secure the best solution and the best value, on time, on budget.

Services pyramid
SA Group is supplier agnostic. We work only for our clients on three levels:

  • STRATEGY (What things?) – Scan & Assess
  • MANAGEMENT / OPS (Do things better) – Select & Assure
  • OPERATIONAL (Do things right) – Secure & Adopt